Repeal of the Spanish Matriculation Tax

The Spanish marine trade association (ANEN) has announced that the Spanish Government will do away with the much debated matriculation tax on charter yachts, which meant that charter yachts had to pay 33% tax. For charter yachts over 15 metres in length, this will now be brought back to 21% VAT, which will finally open up Spain as a competitive charter destination.

"The involvement and support we have had from the Directorate General of the Merchant Navy in recent years has been instrumental in achieving this accomplishment. With the current intermediation DGMM team, led by Rafael Rodríguez Valero, the Ministry of Finance will give the green light to the elimination of the matriculation tax." said Carlos Sanlorenzo, Secretary General of ANEN.

Norma Trease, Director-Salamanca Marine, commented on behalf of Marina Port Vell; “Needless to say, all of us at Marina Port Vell are thrilled to hear the news about the Matriculation Tax being repealed, and hope it will be implemented soon. Spain has proved itself a leader in recognizing the vital importance and beneficial financial impact that yachting brings to the country. This will have a dramatically positive effect on the entire nautical community in the islands as well as the mainland and create many new jobs; the officials should be saluted for their forward-thinking vision.”

Spanish Marine Trade Association



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