Rerun swedish superyacht tenders

Rerun is a Swedish company designing and building user friendly tenders, and day cruisers, in wood with a classic design, specially for the superyacht market. The tenders are built with classic ash frames and a massive wood core, then two layers of 45 degrees veneer and for outer protection 295g E-glass reinforcement and epoxy. The deck has an invisible clear E-glass reinforcement. This gives a silent, light construction and a elegant and smooth ride.

The underwater body is specially designed for KaMeVa Rolls Royce FF 240 water jets. The Rerun Tender measures just 1,7m high, and weighs 2700 kilos, and has three integrated lifting points, making it suitable for storage in a superyacht garage.

Clients are given the option to have a custom designed interior, to match the design of the superyacht.

Mathias Stromberg
+46 76 170 84 14
[email protected]



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