Construction progressing on world's largest superyacht: REV

Written by Georgia Tindale

REV, the world's largest superyacht is beginning to take shape at the VARD shipyard in Tulcea, Romania. Measuring 182.9 metres and designed with a heavy focus on the environment, REV is being built by the commercial shipbuilder VARD and is the result of a close collaboration between the well-known superyacht designer Espen Øino and the project’s Norwegian owner, Kjell Inge Røkke and family. REV yacht under constructionPhoto: REV OceanWith the construction of the vessel planned in several stages, keel laying of the vessel was carried out in April 2018. REV yacht under constructionPhoto: REV OceanAs the brainchild of owner Røkke, REV is designed with worldwide research and expedition activities in mind and will be used by marine experts and researchers to study and address the ocean's environmental changes. As a consequence, REV is being built with numerous eco-friendly and sustainable energy solutions, including a slim hull line and efficient wave-cutting bulb to help reduce fuel consumption from the medium-speed engines. 

In addition, heat recovery from the four generators provides hot water and heating for the vessel and the generators are fully Tier III-certified, with DPF (diesel particulate filters) found on two of them. REV yacht under constructionPhoto: REV OceanIn terms of the boat's specifications, her hull spans 22 metres across and draws 5.25 metres below the waterline under light ship conditions, sticking 42 metres above the waterline. Combined with her impressive length of 182.9 metres, this equates to a total of 17,440 GT.REV yacht under constructionPhoto: REV OceanPerformance-wise, 4x Wärtsilä 8L26 2.7 MW ea engines will enable REV to reach a maximum speed of 17.8 knots and she also comes with a dynamic positioning system. Her incredible range of 21,120 nautical miles at 11 knots would enable her to cover the equivalent of 98% of the distance around our planet.

In research mode, she can carry up to 60 scientists and 30 crew members and comes equipped with facilities for scientists and crew, including TV and recreational lounges, a gym and mingling zone. During luxury expedition trips, REV is designed to host up to 36 guests together with a company of 54 crew members.REV yacht under constructionPhoto: REV OceanIn an interview with SuperYacht Times in 2017, designer Espen Øino commented on the project: “The owner is a very competitive guy and a very interesting character, and he’s pushing the boundaries a lot. He is somebody that is extremely practical with serious knowledge of boats, ships and nautical industries - he’s made all of his money through the sea in one way or another, from fishing to shipping to oil and gas. So he knows his stuff. He is somebody who is a perfect example of someone who loves to be involved in the project."REV Ocean yachtPhoto: REV OceanHe continued, “For us and for him, it’s a very different project because a lot of it is about giving back. He has signed the Just Giving pledge with Bill Gates, and this is part of it. So the boat is for scientists, for school children, for classes, to go and do research expeditions. He understands that we need to do something about the environment… This project goes beyond what we usually do.REV Ocean yachtPhoto: REV Ocean



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