Revealed: SuperYacht iQ Market Report 2016

Written by Merijn de Waard

After years of research, we are proud to announce that the first edition of The SuperYacht iQ 2016 Market Reportis ready to be published. The SuperYacht Company team has designed a completely new information architecture, formulated a detailed data collection process and spoken to several leading yacht builders, investors and owners to provide truly meaningful analyses.

The following questions are just some in which we provide comprehensive answers to:

- Is building on speculation the right choice?

- Where do superyacht owners come from?

- What do you need to consider before investing in a shipyard?

- How can the sailing yacht industry be saved?

- How have the first six months of 2016 fared? What is the outlook for the future?

- How many new-build superyachts were sold in 2015? How many were speculation builds?

- What is the average asking price per gross tonnage per country?

- How many new shipyards have started building yachts in the last 25 years?

What else to expect?
Global Superyacht Fleet
Several companies track the global superyacht fleet, though each year not one of these companies reports the same number of yachts in the fleet. In the SuperYacht iQ 2016 Market Report we explain why this happens, and provide an accurate method of tracking the fleet.
Shipyard Developments
There are only a few shipyards worldwide who have delivered superyachts successfully for more than a decade. In this chapter we closely analyse the development of shipyards over the years with special attention to the number of new shipyards and those who have only built a single superyacht. We also zoom in on the period 2011-2015, whereby we analyse the number of active shipyards, how many have changed hands, how many have closed their doors, and why.
Country Analysis
We closely analyse the development over the last 25 years of the top six countries in regards to yacht building (Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States). We also analyse the average asking price per gross tonnage of each of the countries.
Order Book Analysis
We explain how to analyse the order book and the importance of separating this analysis by sales and production numbers. We also explain the different construction statuses of superyachts in-build and analyse the market based on this. Furthermore we analyse the age of the yachts in the order book and explain a new way of categorising superyachts on-hold.
New-Build Sales
Following a close analysis of the order book, we focus on the number of superyachts sold per category over the last few years and provide an outlook on the state of business in 2016 to date.
Building on Speculation
In recent years many shipyards have started to build superyachts on speculation - something in which, until now, has lacked any kind of analysis. We have analysed all yachts being built and sold on speculation to establish a clear picture of how many speculation yachts are sold, for sale and newly started. We also look at how many shipyards are building on speculation.
Considerations for new yards and investors
Having advised several shipyards and investors over the years, we use our experience to provide an overview of several aspects to consider when planning to buy, invest or start a new shipyard.
Ownership Analysis
For each company it is essential to know who their (potential) clients are. By identifying the nationality of owners of superyachts larger than 40 metres first, we then break down this information per country and per continent, analysing aspects such as the age, volume, and length of yachts.
What not to expect?
Competitive Information about shipyards
Our report is an analysis of the market and confidentiality is one of our highest priorities. We will never disrespect shipyards by revealing their full order books or providing top lists based on inaccurate data.
This is a serious market report and not a magazine. It is a decision making tool, and therefore we will not place advertisements throughout.
A limited number of printed copies will be available August 2016.


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