Revolutionary way to purchase and sell your yacht is launched

Prominent yacht brokers and an experienced team from the auction world have joined forces to launch Aimed at both the buyer and the seller, the site has been designed in direct response to TheYachtAuction's research into the real requirements of the yacht owner when either purchasing or selling a yacht.

The website will launch on the 8th December, disclosing the next auction dates, the first being 22nd of February 2012, detailing how to buy and sell via the on line auction, with a complete photographic portfolio and specifications for each yacht.

"Initial ideas began with the concept of an on line yacht auction over 12 months ago and after a lengthy process of market Research, consultations with leading auction experts, and a detailed investigation of UK and international legal issues, we are confident of its success and very excited about the first auction. We have during the build process conducted a series of informal research studies with institutions, finance houses, owners and sellers - and these results have influenced the website design and content “commented Director Andrew McDougall employs a team of yachting specialists including a marine legal team to ensure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently.

"The new website conveys the Directors' combined experience and professionalism in a very competitive market place coming from an extensive background in both yacht brokerage and online auctions." added Director Andrew McDougall.

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