RH Marine’s next generation of system integration on display at METS 2019

Written by Laura Nicholls

Having established themselves as one of the leading integrators and innovators of electrical and automation systems in the maritime industry. The average day-to-day for those at RH Marine involves work on electrical and automation systems onboard various types of vessels, including superyachts, patrol vessels, submarines and support vessels. One recurring commonality that these vessels share is a lot of cabling, network components and applications which rely on specific hardware components and large-volume computers, intensifying the need for service and maintenance. To improve overall lifetime costs and ensure lifetime usability, RH Marine has revolutionised the overall system infrastructure onboard yachts and other vessels.

As the new infrastructure becomes the new foundation of the growing family of Rhodium products, SuperYacht Times takes a closer look at the company’s latest creation and how it reflects their mission to make ships smarter and easier to operate. RH Marine / Rhodium marketing Virtualised towards the future

RH Marine’s next-level Integrated Virtualized System Architecture (IVSA) provides a universal system platform on which applications (like bridge applications, engine room automation, CCTV and energy management) are integrated. As a result, any workstation onboard can be used more effectively, the hardware is easier to upgrade and replace and applications can be updated independently. RH Marine marketing / engineerFor new-build and refit yachts

After two years of R&D, the cloud-inspired technology has received its first Wheelmark certification and is almost ready to be installed onboard the first vessels. RH Marine has found that by having one central infrastructure that complies with classification societies, including MED certification for the navigation applications, routine maintenance is made easier. Upgrades and replacements of the hardware and applications can be implemented while improving the usability.

As an ideal solution for both new-builds and refits, the infrastructure can be installed on board any vessel during the design and construction phases and be modified to suit the needs of the vessel. For refit projects, RH Marine is able to upgrade or adapt the bridge without any extreme modifications. 

RH Marine has a full system already up and running in their test facility and another system due to be installed on a marine vessel. To find out more, contact the company directly via the details found below, or visit the team at the Superyacht Pavilion (booth 11.511) during the upcoming METSTRADE show, where a live system will be in operation and available for demonstrations.  

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