Ricky Smith Designs creates interior for 43m superyacht project

Ricky Smith Designs have created a distinctive exterior styling and interiors for the soon to be released wave piercing monohull GM43 design from Naval architect Stuart Friezer.

Ricky Smith created luxury interiors for many Lloyds Ships and yacht interior projects in USA, China, Australia, and New Zealand. He designed interiors of two Ulysses projects directly with the owners and has created interior fit-out systems which were applied to many of the F.M.C.A. projects in Australia, New Zealand, and U.S.A.

Stuart Friezer tabled his G-Motion wave piercing monohull design which incorporates a reverse bow and generous mid ships beam and offered the exterior styling and interior design to Ricky Smith. "Given the unique styling of the exterior I decided it was a perfect opportunity to offer a General Arrangement which approached making the time on board the best possible experience for both the owners and their selected guests"

"The evolution of larger yachts has forced the interior spaces dedicated to accommodation, entertainment, catering, housekeeping and storage to grow incrementally and sometimes to the detriment of the owners space and facilities" says Ricky Smith, designer at Ricky Smith Designs G-motion SF43 project proposes a contrasting design approach. The GM43 Project is for a discerning owner who would prefer private space and optimized facilities over large numbers of passengers and crew onboard.

Smith proposed that while crew are elemental to the function and safety onboard a 43 metre yacht and a crew of 8 would be standard, the number of guests' cabins could be reduced and the facilities offered and their privacy increased greatly.

The traditional layout of a central hallway with small cabins for numerous guests was done away with and Smith has proposed the first 43 metre yacht interior to offer three full facility two -storey apartment style luxury suites for the owners and the guests.

The ownerโ€™s suite is encapsulated within a 180 degree panoramic saloon lounge and is positioned forward on the main deck for premium views and offers luxurious facilities in complete privacy. The guest suite design features both port and starboard views and a panoramic private lounge.

The interior design incorporates the wall construction system Ricky Smith designed which enables rapid fit-out and finishing of large scale yacht interiors. The application of this system allows clean and fluid shapes to be facilitated as well as traditional panelling. The bespoke interiors are constructed and finished off site to ensure accuracy, ease of installation and compliance at completion.

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