Riviera Sea School onboard with RYA Personal Watercraft scheme

Riviera Sea School (RSS) are pleased to announce a welcomed addition to their range of RYA Powerboat and Shorebased courses run from their school in the South of France. The RYA Personal Watercraft (PW) scheme has been designed to ensure safe and responsible use of PW/Jet Skis in both Inland and Coastal waters. RSS are delighted to be taking on the scheme and are excited about bringing a greater awareness of safe PW use to the Mediterranean.

Ranging from the 1 day PW Proficiency course to the 3 day PW Instructor course, RSS are well equipped to create a far safer and more enjoyable environment not only for PW users themselves but other water users that may be affected by the use of Jet-skis in their area.

The PW Proficiency course has been designed by the RYA for both experienced PW users and beginners alike. It aims to teach students how to use their PW safely, responsibly and with confidence. Most courses will take one day and can be carried out on your own craft or on the schools craft. For those who wish to be PW instructors and teach the PW Proficiency course themselves, they will be thoroughly trained and assessed by experienced RYA PW trainers.

PW are often subject to strict limitations in terms of their use in many areas and certainly in most Coastal waters in the Mediterranean where a license is absolutely necessary if you wish to take your PW afloat. The RYA PW Proficiency course will allow PW users to use their Jet-skis within the realms of the law both in the UK and many countries abroad and is currently the only authority issuing PW licenses.

With summer truly underway and the charter season making a move RSS are committed to ensuring that all your PW training needs are catered for providing tuition for pleasure boaters, crew members, charter guests and yacht owners alike.

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