Riviera Yacht Support Snow Bonanza 2015

The 2015 edition of the Riviera Yacht Support (RYS) annual Snow Bonanza came to a close recently, with the company stating the event as one of the best they have experienced to date.

RYS describe the event, saying, “All participants were given brightly colored XL boxer shorts to wear outside of ski pants in order to identify each other from afar on the slopes. At noon we all gathered on the deck of the great restaurant “La Bergerie.” The festivities started with aperitif and continued with a fantastic three course mountain meal and much merriment!

“During lunch, our annual parallel slalom challenge was set-up close to the restaurant. Skiers and snowboarders then took to the course. Heros and Zeros rocketed at great speeds down the track which included an entertaining jump half way. At 4 o'clock the venue change to the Restaurant Les Vallons where the apres-ski and prize giving ceremony took place.”

Winners of this years Snow Bonanza are as follows:
- Charli Witts, M/Y Odessa, Biggest Jump.
- Mark Lasoski, M/Y Arkley, Biggest Jump.
- Kate Henderson, M/Y Arkley, Best Dressed.
- Ty Falkenstein, M/Y Arkley, Best Dressed.
- AP Andersen and his crew on M/Y Odessa won a keg of beer from Colgans Brewery for having most participants from one yacht, with 12 in total.
- Berna Lasoski, M/Y Arkley won a wetsuit from Yacht Chandlers for Best Lipstick.
- Kane Gall, M/Y Maraya won 5 Jägerbombs from the Blue Lady for traveling from the Caribbean to participate.

By Gemma Fottles



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