Rondal fits composite spars to Super-J Hanuman

Rondal has fitted the 52m mast and 19.5m Park Avenue boom to the new J-Class yacht, Hanuman. The mast and boom are made from High Modulus carbon fibre. The exceptionally strong mast is the largest single composite structure ever produced by Rondal and the result of close consultations with a wide range of experts in order to maximise the yacht’s debut performances on the race course this summer.

In creating the spars and rigging for Hanuman, the goal was to find the ultimate combination of technology, design and materials. From the outset, the highly experienced owner was determined that his recreation of the 42m Endeavour II would be perfect for competitive racing. And that she would have the best mast in the J-Class fleet.

The entire rig was engineered with sailmaker North Sails to synchronise the mast and sail design and ensure it acts as a single aerodynamic shape. Rondal also brought in the Carew Design Group (which recently worked on BMW Oracle) for the design of the mast and fittings, and to make calculations related to the use of such a large carbon structure. Sophisticated software programs were tested various configurations and analysed the effects of localised loads.

The mast was made using a carbon rather than aluminium mould to avoid making the mast in sections, which would entail moulded connections. The High Modulus carbon is 150 percent stronger than standard composites. Rondal also supplied the yacht’s standing and running rigging, hatches, sliding hatch and most of the deck equipment.

Hanuman illustrates Rondal’s ability to work at the cutting edge of mast design, and she will reach speeds of which our J Class ancestors could only have dreamed,” says Sales Manager Hein Eek. “While Rondal has traditionally had a name for premium quality, a project like this illustrates that our company is anything but traditional in the scope of its technologies, methods and materials.”

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Photo by Hans Westerink



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