Rondal to optimise wind power on Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior III

Rondal has acquired the prestigious order for the manufacture and supply of the masts, booms, rigging, winches, deck equipment, furling systems, hydraulics and sails for the new Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior III. Due to be launched during the organisation’s 40th anniversary year in 2011, this 58-metre sailing vessel aims to harness the power of the wind in the most efficient possible way.

Currently under construction at the Fassmer Shipyard in Germany, Rainbow Warrior III was designed by Dijkstra and Partners with two 45-metre high aluminium A-frame masts carrying five hydraulically furling sails. “By minimising the amount of standing rigging required, these A-frame masts create a relatively simple rig to operate,” explains Remco Zeevaarder, senior account manager at Rondal. “This is an exciting challenge for us to design and engineer these masts, with their curving legs and mast bend. We will be building them in recycled aluminium, which is a clear testimony to the goals of our client as well as to Rondal’s unique ability to make something so specialised in such a size in aluminium.”

In addition to the masts, Rondal is supplying three booms, the standing rigging, the running rigging, five hydrofurls, eight reel winches, four deck winches, deck fittings, the sails and the hydraulic valve blocks for the winches and furlers. The fact that Rondal specialises in the design and manufacture of most of this equipment means the Dutch company is uniquely placed to truly understand the interface between these products. This rich understanding of the complete supply package was a major reason why the Fassmer yard chose to have Rondal on the build team.

Rainbow Warrior III includes the very latest green technologies throughout, including the use of generator heat to warm water and pre-heat the engines. “Greenpeace is also committed to harnessing the power of the wind as much as possible rather than using fossil fuels,” adds Zeevaarder. “The design of the mast and the positioning of the sails have been optimised for efficiency, and Rondal is delighted to play its part in ensuring that the crew of Rainbow Warrior III are able to get the most out of sailing this ship and avoid the use of engines whenever possible.

Delivery of the rig is slated for the summer of 2011, with handover to the client in the autumn.

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