Rosetti Superyachts presents remote control navigation system

Written by Laura Nicholls

Following the autonomous revolution that is currently underway, nearly every transportation vehicle will eventually become self-driving and unmanned vessels may be at sea before the end of the decade. Rosetti has adapted remote control technology from the commercial sector for use in yachting. 

A Lloyd’s Register-certified tugboat, Giano, was installed with a remote control system and was controlled by a captain on land during a convention in Marseille last month. 

The remote control system is based on a M2M connection (machine-to-machine) system supported by two internet encrypted tunnels with a direct connection between the ship and remote bridge. This system ensures cyber security as the connection does not need to go through third-party servers. 

Remote control technology can benefit yacht owners during long transfers by enhancing security during navigation and offering the potential to reduce management and insurance costs. Much of the technology for autonomous vessels is already in place, but regulation needs to be properly updated. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) launched a regulatory scoping exercise to analyse the impact of self-driving vessels last year. 

RSY 48 SpadoliniPhoto: Rosetti



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