Royal Huisman appoints new Marketing Director

Written by Rebecca Smurthwaite

Royal Huisman have announced the appointment of a new Marketing Director, Jeroen Sirag. He will be responsible for the global marketing strategy and operations at Royal Huisman, Rondal and Huisfit. Jeroen Sirag from Royal HuismanJeroen Sirag joins a new strategic team headed by CEO, Jan Timmerman. The new team reflects Royal Huisman’s strong commitment to investment in the shipyard’s future and its goal to take advantage of existing, and emerging, market opportunities to secure new business in the upcoming years. 

The new Marketing Director has a swathe of experience working in the luxury hotel industry, before turning his attention to the superyacht industry. He has 20 years of successful experience in brand development and strategic marketing.Phi yacht in Royal Huisman’s facility in VollenhoveJeroen Sirag comments on his appointment, “Looking ahead, I see a magnificent opportunity for the Royal Huisman brands, not only in driving reputation and profitability, but in enhancing its desirability as the world’s most prestigious luxury marine marque. I am honoured to join the team and committed to maximising my contribution to a company that has pursued perfection for over 135 years.”



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