Royal Huisman secures Taiwanese order for 43.5m superyacht

Royal Huisman, Naval Architect Germán Frers and interior styling architect Rhoades Young have announced the signing, on December 31st, of an order from the ever-growing South East Asia region. The order, the first for Royal Huisman in this region, is for a stylish 43m Luxury Sloop– a luxurious yet performance-oriented Germán Frers design offering exceptional potential for individual customisation.

Distinguished not only for it’s design and engineering merits the order is the direct result of the yard’s long-term commitment to developing business in the region. Over the past several years the team has worked hard to increase awareness and understanding of the Royal Huisman brand into the dynamics of South East Asia. They have also sought to develop an industry network by appointing Regional Liaisons including Bart J. Kimman, director of Northrop & Johnson Asia, who, following introduction acted as liaison between the client and shipyard during the negotiations to secure this order. As a very experienced yachtsman the client, a Taiwanese national has made clear his intentions to attend future Superyacht regattas with this new yacht that will be christened as Sea Eagle.

Mr. Kimman will continue to provide an active on-the-ground presence in support of Royal Huisman’s presence in the region by providing future clients with expert advice and guidance, especially those who are new to the world of custom superyachts and to sailing. More specifically, this means an ability to emphasise a fundamental message: that the name of Royal Huisman represents the pinnacle of Dutch quality in superyacht building; and that despite outward appearances, there is a clear distinction between “what looks good” and “what seriously is good” in superyacht building.

There is no doubt that the Royal Huisman brand has begun to build a following among well-informed and aspirational business leaders in the South East Asian region. As a result the Royal Huisman team see today’s announcement representing not just that of “a valued new order” but of “a firm foothold in a valued new market”.

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