Rupert Marine develops 80-foot luxury motor yacht

Rupert Marines latest design is an 80-foot luxury motor yacht intended for owners of super yachts and other demanding customers and designed in cooperation with world-renowned naval architects and designers, the exterior bears the signature of Ted Mannerfelt. This 80-foot yacht is the first in series of Rupert Yachts now in development.

Rupert 80 is a truly professional yacht. Built in Sweden by skilled craftsmen to professional workboat and yacht standards and with a superior finish to the exterior as well as the interior. This extraordinary yacht is equipped with all the space and amenities for guests and crew you can expect from a truly exceptional yacht.

Speed range between 32 โ€“46 knots and relevant fuel capacity will ensure a sufficient cruising range. Special attention is taken to low noise and vibration levels, high reliability for all systems and low maintenance costs.

Like other Rupert boats this 80-foot yacht can be customized to the specifications of the client.

Rupert Marine
Thomas Rรถnnberg
+46 8 522 209 10
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