RYA taking steps to maintain standards of safety equipment

The RYA has issued the first RYA tickmark logo for safety equipment to a range of liferafts manufactured by Ocean Safety. In issuing the RYA tick mark logo the RYA is satisfied, following a rigorous testing programme as set out by the ISO standard that the liferafts were found to be compliant with ISO 9650.

The liferafts are from Ocean Safety’s new Ocean ISO 9650 Type 1, Group A liferafts which include 4 man, 6 man, 8 man, 10 man and 12 man liferafts in a combination of valise (soft casing) and canister (hard casing).

Ocean Safety will now be able to display the RYA tickmark on those liferafts tested and found to be compliant.

Ken Kershaw, RYA Technical Manager “It is essential that safety products on the market today are fit for purpose and not sub standard. Ensuring that they comply with international standards is paramount. The RYA tickmark programme has been running for a number of years for boats and has now been extended to safety equipment. It sets out to provide boaters with a visible assurance that any product displaying the tickmark logo does comply with the requisite international standard.”

The tests were conducted by Mike Beggs, RYA Senior Evaluator, and included low and high temperature inflation tests, righting, boarding tests, and all other material tests as required by the standard.



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