Safezone International achieves approval status under new MCA directives

Flame‐proofing specialists Safezone International have become the first Service Provider to achieve approval status under new MCA directives designed to regulate the supply of in‐situ flame‐proofing treatments onboard Red Ensign Group large yachts.

MGN 453, which entered into force 1 st October, outlines the standards companies must attain in order for the MCA to recognise the flame‐proofing certificates they issue.

The new system of regulation will ensure yacht owners can feel confident in the knowledge they are using an industry accredited supplier, who can absolutely deliver a flame proofing service to marine standards.

Safezone’s Marine Operations Director, Lynn Walker, said “Having introduced the concept of in‐situ flame‐proofing to the large yacht market over a decade ago, and subsequently becoming the first MCA Accredited Supplier under the old rules, Safezone is delighted that it continues to lead the field. We have led the campaign for tighter regulation. The new rules can only make for safer sailing”.

Safezone International
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