Sail cleaning for superyachts, classics and Swans

Based near Hamble on the South coast, NovoSail specialises in providing a modern and effective cleaning service for sails and covers for all types of sailing and motor yachts. The system is particularly effective for large superyacht sails or race sails which can be easily damaged by industrial washing machines or jet washers.

System proven in Palma
The NovoSail operation in Palma has had considerable experience working with valuable superyacht sails from yachts based in the Mediterranean. The identical system is now fully operational in the UK and offers a safe and efficient cleaning process, which does not risk damaging Dacron, expensive mylars, kevlars and carbon sails by scrubbing or tumble washing.

Unique cleaning methods
The NovoSail cleaning process involves a thorough check over before the sail is spread out and fed into the cleaning machine horizontally. All sails which are put through the system are pre-soaked to remove staining, cleaned and finished without laundering the life out of it. Should areas require additional soaking, a prewash is carried out before it is fed into the machine. Very large sails from the biggest superyachts are all fed through the process flat.

Towards the end of the cleaning process a protective coating is applied to renew the sail’s water repellance, increase longevity and ensure protection from mildew. The final stage involves a low heat fixing of the coatings and thorough drying of the sail.

Ideal south coast position
NovoSail is ideally located to service superyachts and large yachts visiting the UK, as the plant is a few minutes from the M27 and within easy reach of most of the major refit yards. Sails, covers and other accessories can be shipped on to the next port in time for the yacht’s estimated arrival, if required.

Ideal for all yacht sizes
The unique NovoSail cleaning system is ideally suited for any size of sailing yacht or superyacht, as well as for covers and biminis, running rigging, mooring lines and even foul weather gear. If you need to clean up your yacht’s appearance and keep your sails in top condition then just call NovoSail.

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