Sailing yacht Mirabella I now fitted with helideck

Earlier this month, SuperYachtTimes' Merijn de Waard spotted the 41.4 metre superyacht Mirabella I in Palma, with a new Helipad. She is one of only a handful of large sailing yachts that has the capability to land a helicopter on deck.

The helipad is not the only unusual thing about this yacht. She was built in 1994 in Thailand by Concorde Yachts, and is perhaps the only superyacht ever launched, using the assistance of elephants to transport the yachts from the building shed to the water.

If you have more photos of sailing yachts with helicopters on board, please feel free to share them: [email protected]

Update: One of our readers tells us the yacht was moved down the marina road on railway lines by a truck and launched by a floating dock purpose built in house. The elephant story was a marketing stunt, and was in fact not a true story. You can still see a photo of it here.

By Maarten Janssen, photo by Merijn de Waard



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