Saint-Tropez Municipality honoured by La Belle Classe

It is for the occasion of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez and in order to celebrate the end of the racing season, that the Yacht Club de Monaco is organising a “La Belle Classe” cocktail in the harbour of Saint-Tropez, aboard four classic yachts: Tuiga (1909), Mariquita (1911), Elena (1911 replica) and Shamrock V (1930).

An evening which gathered over two hundred owners and skippers, all signatories of the “La Belle Classe” Charter, members of the YCM and yachting personalities including Jean-Pierre Champion, President of the French Sailing Federation, Frédéric Berthoz, President of the AFYT, Jean-François Touret, Saint-Tropez Harbour Master, André Beaufils, President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez and organiser of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, François Fiat, “La Belle Classe Superyachts” ambassador. Were also present navigators, to name a few: Brad Butterworth, Harold Cudmore, Catherine Chabaud, Philippe Monnet, Servane Escoffier…

La Belle Classe, a label to unite the owners in the yachting industry
Initiated in 2005 by H.S.H. Prince Albert II, President of the Yacht Club de Monaco, “La Belle Classe Tradition” has built the stepping stones of “La Belle Classe Superyachts”.

Owners of classic and vintage yachts (“La Belle Classe Tradition”) or of a 40m-plus yacht (“La Belle Classe Superyachts”), the “La Belle Classe” label brings together owners who wish to see an evolution in the Yachting world while defending its essential values:
-Preservation of the etiquette,
-Safeguard for the environment,
-Respect for our maritime heritage (“La Belle Classe Tradition”)
-and promotion of the most innovating technologies (“La Belle Classe Superyachts”).

The aim is to unite the owners and all those involved in the Yachting industry by offering them a forum for communication and discussion.

Saint-Tropez Municipality celebrated by La Belle Classe
On this occasion Mr. Jean-Pierre Tuveri, Mayor of Saint-Tropez, was awarded the Special “La Belle Classe” Prize for the actions taken by the Council in the Yachting world.

“Saint-Tropez, the legendary harbour, key stopover for the most beautiful vessels in the world be they sail or motor propelled, has always attentive to provide high end services. Constant efforts have been made by the Council to modernise the harbour, consolidate the existing infrastructure whilst preserving the environment.

Measures were taken to achieve a “Clean Harbour”, a pragmatic measure caring for the environment can only show the efforts made by the Council in terms of waste management, pollution control, information for Leisure yachtsmen to educate them on eco-friendly attitude and council staff training.

This commitment together with preservation of yachting values and respect for maritime tradition make this harbour what it is internationally renowned for: a unique meeting point for world over yachtsmen.

In this spectrum the Council and its harbour wished to adhere to the fundamental values of “La Belle Classe”: Preservation of our heritage and yachts, respect for naval etiquette, safeguard of the sea and the environment for generation of harbour users” said Jean-Pierre Tuveri, Mayor of Saint Tropez.

During this event, the new Ambassador of “La Belle Classe Tradition” was announced.

Ed Kastelein, first Ambassador of La Belle Classe Tradition
This cocktail was also the occasion to put Ed Kastelein in the spotlight, a true passionate man who has never ceased to manage these restoration projects in order to give a new life to legendary yachts the way they were in their heydays. To name a few were Thendara, Aile Blanche, Zaca a te Moana inspired by the notorious Zaca (1929) owned by Errol Flynn. No less than 18…

After reviving Westward (1910) in the shape of the replica Eleonora, Ed Kastelein took up a new challenge. It was to revive the Atlantic (1903), a legendary schooner which held the record for crossing the Atlantic, under the command of Charlie Barr, for 65 years. In doing so the Dutchman has tackled a veritable "Everest" with respect to the impressive dimensions of this three-masted schooner: length on deck 56.43 metres, mast height 45 metres, lead keel 120 tons.

Being a member of “La Belle Classe” is a real commitment in favour of an activity where courtesy and respect reign, where regatta rhymes with fair-play, naval etiquette with “savoir-vivre” and elegance with spectacle. All members of “La Belle Classe” have shown their desire to be part of this very select "Club" by signing a charter which represents a real commitment and desire to build the future.

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