Sanlorenzo’s latest innovation: The Smart Helmet

Written by Kayla Dowling

Sanlorenzo has launched its latest technological innovation, the “Smart Helmet”, which harnesses holographic technology to connect the on board user with Sanlorenzo technicians, in the event of any mechanical issues. The Smart Helmet uses HoloLens visor technology, which enables audio and high-definition video communication, providing an innovative solution to remote assistance.Sanlorenzo Smart Helmet The new technology has been developed by the in-house research and development team at Sanlorenzo. The Smart Helmet uses an 8mp 1080p30 video camera, four visible light cameras and two infrared cameras and can be employed to exchange images, videos and technical diagrams to assist the on board operator with the issue at hand. The technician can, therefore, relay solutions in real time without ever stepping foot on board.Sanlorenzo Smart Helmet The Sanlorenzo Smart Helmet’s user can manipulate and modify the holograms to emphasize certain information related to the bespoke issue. Additionally, photos and videos can be recorded and archived to document the interaction.Sanlorenzo Smart Helmet Sanlorenzo has announced that the Smart Helmet will become standard technology on board each of their yachts built from 2021 and crew will be trained in how to use this tool.



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