Sanlorenzo unveils 44m steel superyacht

Moving forward with their development program for metal megayachts, Sanlorenzo Spa announced the creation of its first megayacht in steel, the Sanlorenzo 44 Steel. The 44 metres yacht has three decks, a displacement hull in steel, an aluminium superstructure and is about to be completed at the Viareggio Division. In keeping with Sanlorenzo’s 50‐year tradition of excellence, this first 44 Steel is completely tailor made, based on the needs and stylistic preferences of the owner.

The exterior design and lines are by Sanlorenzo Spa. Captivating and extremely well‐balanced, they have been conceived to give maximum luminosity to the interiors and are perfectly in keeping with the design philosophy underlying Sanlorenzo’s “navettas” range, whose evolution beyond the 38m mark is now embodied in the 44 Steel. Perfect continuity with the two newly launched semi‐displacement in composite material ‐ the SD92 and the SD122 ‐, is also reflected in the design of the great glazed surfaces running along the side walls of the main deck, which continue without breaks on the upper deck and end in the distinctive “whisker” at the aft section of the superstructure.

The interior of this first 44 Steel is designed by Francesco Paszkowski, who worked in close collaboration with the owner and was also responsible for the interior decoration of the boat and its highly sophisticated interior lighting system, that uses indirect lights to create environments characterised by “cascades” of light along the walls and unique atmospheres.

Plenty of interior and exterior space
With the 44 Steel, Sanlorenzo caters to the current trend of the nautical market, where more and more owners seek spacious boats, offering maximum comfort and great range, as opposed to those offering top performances mated to a stronger impact on fuel consumption and the environment. Accordingly, for this first example of displacement hull made of steel, the shipyard drew its inspiration from the interior layouts of much bigger boats (50/60 m) in order to ensure significant volumes and avoid any compromise in terms of comfort and space aboard.

To achieve this result, the Sanlorenzo Technical Department started out by crafting a large hull with open stern, that would provide sufficient interior volumes, and offering top performances in order to maintain optimal stability and trim, as required by the MCA certification standards.

Technically speaking, the gross tonnage of the 44 Steel – which, though it is expressed in “tons” is directly connected with the “internal volume” of the boat – is 499 GT, a value that, in general, is associated with boats 50 to 52 m long, i.e., longer and wider.

Exterior space ‐ one of the strengths of the 44 Steel ‐ has been dimensioned to ensure plenty of room and optimal distribution, and thereby form, starting from the aft section, a series of terraces overlooking the sea without any obstacles or aft barriers hindering the view of the landascape.

Box‐in‐box technique
In addition to plenty of space, comfort aboard is ensured by a highly sophisticated construction technique typical of the best megayachts, known as box‐in‐box. Each interior environment, in fact, consists of a self‐supporting shell, a “floating” box connected to the structure via a series of elastic and anti‐vibration materials placed in between to dampen and cut off all vibrations and noise.

Under lower deck
A significant design feature of the 44 Steel, unprecedented in a boat this size, is the under lower deck, a further deck situated below the lower deck. It consists of a central tunnel running all the way from stern to bow, and housing the technical areas (fins, bow‐thruster and engine rooms) and the service areas (the laundry room, with 3 washing machines and 3 driers, an ironing board, and a refrigeration zone with a freezer and cold storage rooms). Everything aboard the 44 Steel has been designed by paying the utmost attention to details. As a rule, this tunnel is tight and narrow in bigger‐sized megayachts, on the 44 Steel it is high enough to walk through, making for simplified system checking and maintenance. The under lower deck has an additional access to the engine room, enabling the Chief Engineer to inspect the room without having to go back up to the upper deck where the guest rooms are located.

Lower Deck
The garage of the 44 Steel, large enough to accommodate a big tender, has been designed with a lateral access, to take full advantage – both internally and externally – of the vast stern area that houses the Beach Club – a fitness area complete with gym and relaxation equipment (SPA) and a dedicated bathroom. The Beach Club looks onto a huge bathing platform, that features a perfectly level floor, without any steps. From the main deck you can reach the Beach Club via two comfortable stairs: externally from the cockpit and internally from the saloon.

Walking along the lower deck towards the fore section we find the accommodations for the guests which, in this first yacht, were designed as requested by the owner, according to a traditional layout, with two VIP cabins and two twin bed cabins, positioned in the centre of the craft and provided with luminous windows. The crew’s quarters, located bow, are very comfortable and include a galley, with a dinette, and four double cabins accommodating eight people each with a private bathroom with shower. The captain is located on the upper deck. The crew zone develops upwards, in the direction of the upper decks which can be reached via a wide service ladder providing a dedicated route for the comings and goings of the crew.

Main deck
Guests can move to and from the various decks via a splendid plate glass stair positioned in the centre of the yacht, that rises up from a veritable foyer. There is no dining room on the main deck of this first 44 Steel (there is one on the upper deck): as requested by the owner, the dining area has been eliminated to make room for a gigantic saloon, furnished with sofas and armchairs that provide an elegant conversation and relaxation zone. The access to the exterior cockpit is via a bar area delimited by authomatic sliding doors.

The cockpit is furnished with plush L‐shaped sofas arranged around a table and has stairs leading down to the Beach Club. As we move forward toward the bow, we come across a service area, on the port side, housing the pantry and the professional galley; on the starboard side, instead, we find the foyer with the main stairway.

From the foyer, proceeding toward the bow, we walk by a daily bathroom for saloon guests, and reach the owner’s quarters that include the master cabin, an office and a big walk‐in closet. The master cabin, full beam, is impressive for its dimensions and has a private bathroom with a relaxation zone and a whirlpool tub.

Two symmetrical stowage facilities have been provided on the exterior of the fore section of the main deck, with room for a jet ski and a rescue boat.

Upper deck
The elegant central stairway leads to the upper deck, where another great saloon is delimited by large glazed surfaces on all sides, affording a 360‐degree view of the sea, that can be opened to change the room into an open‐air environment.

This is where the dining zone is located, as required by the owner: a round table for 12/14 people is surrounded by huge sliding doors in plate glass that reproduce its shape and that open fully for a meal “en plain air”. The saloon is equipped with a bar counter and, at the opposite end, a comfortable L‐shaped sofa and a low table.

The pilot house of the 44 Steel, further on toward the bow of the boat, includes the wheelhouse and a separate radio room. This being a megayacht designed for long journeys, possibly through the night, the lodgings of the captain – consisting of a double bed and a bathroom with shower – have been placed in the immediate proximity of the control room.

Flying bridge
The fifth bridge of the 44 Steel is a stunning flying bridge, remarkable for its size and characterised by the distinctive Sanlorenzo hard‐top that brings to mind message of continuity between past and present. The aft section is devoted to the sun, the central part houses an open‐air dining zone furnished with an oval table for 12/14 people and a dedicated bar counter, the fore part is taken up by a hydromassage swimming pool and the sundecks. To delimit the outdoor areas aboard the 44 Steel, here and on the decks below, in lieu of the classical steel tubes habitually used on boats this size, Sanlorenzo opted for specially designed glass partitions that do not obstruct the view of the surrounding sea, offering a suggestive, highly emotional vista of the panorama that can be enjoyed from the 44 Steel.

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