Satura Studio presents the 48m design concept Tuxedo

Written by Charl van Rooy

Headed by a young team of Italian designers, Satura Studio has released details about its new 48-metre motor yacht concept named Tuxedo. The project earned Alberto Frulla, Frencesco Viola, and Federica Fino an award at the recent MYDAs.

The team used long, uninterrupted lines that flow from bow to stern to create a sensual yet strong and masculine presence. The high freeboard and bulk of the structure forward house the main living areas. The sloping aft section with its full-height windows and numerous hull openings are designed to inspire an on-the-water lifestyle by removing as many interruptions between the guest and the yacht’s surroundings.

The sleek hull is finished with portholes that take on the same colour as the hull in order to maintain a sense of elegance and smoothness while offering good light to the interior spaces.

Apart from the wheelhouse, the upper deck is reserved for the owner’s use. This layout leaves the main deck free to house the four VIP suites up forward. A skylight on the foredeck area allows natural light to reach these suites from above.

One of Tuxedo’s most impressive areas has to be the lower beach and entertainment deck. This 20-metre-long deck at water level stretches from the floating tender bay and swimming pool located amidships, past a central lounge area that leads out onto a balcony on either side. A staircase connects this area directly with the main saloon above.

The beach club at the stern is flanked by two teak-clad panels that make it seems as an extension of the actual yacht. A large fixed swim platform leads back up to the main deck via two side walkways or directly inside through large watertight sliding doors.

The project was developed by the team during a master degree study at Universitità degli studi di Genova, Polo Marconi in La Spezia in colaboration with engineers Giovanni Genovese and Roberto Argiroffi.



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