Sauter Carbon Offset Design introduces superyacht Transcendence

Sauter Carbon Offset Design has just introduced superyacht Transcendence, the world’s first zero carbon megayacht with a top speed of 25 knots. She is a state of the art Solar Hybrid design that achieves a 50 to 100% reduction in GHG emissions by employing Mercedes Benz / MTU Bluetec engines to produce the cleanest marine propulsion system in the world.

Richard Sauter head of design commented, ”Transcendence is the Carbon Offset Alternative to comparable Hi-performance Megayachts. Her overall size (49m) and maximum speed (25knots) are the same, but alas, her Carbon Footprint is far smaller, often reaching zero” .

The currently available green technology present in Transcendence includes:
- Mercedes Benz & MTU Bluetec diesel electric power generation
- Azimuth counter rotating CLT high torque propeller systems
- Hydro and aerodynamic advances Hi-speed displacement hull design
- Maximum solar cell deployment. (PV deck spoilers rated at 30kws)
- KER (Kinetic energy regeneration)
- Energy efficient equipment, including waste heat recovery
- Computerized energy management, maintenance & guidance
- Plug-in Lithium UPS rated at 1000Kwh.

Solar cells, KER and Plug-in sources of energy charge a Lithium ion storage system that runs all Hotel services including AC, day and night, The same Lithium UPS allows Transcendence to achieve her maximum speed under peak loads or to navigate in and out of harbors with Zero emissions

As a Carbon Offset Megayacht, Transcendence is a potential 4,000 ton per year Certified Carbon Offset Project. As such, her reduction in CO2 emissions is equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of 1,000 average people on earth.

Sauter Carbon Offset Design
Richard Sauter
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