Savage Marine expands product portfolio

Savage Marine Ltd, leading specialists in lighting solutions for the superyacht industry, are pleased to announce the addition of “Mood Magic” by Lumotics Marine to their LED and halogen lighting product portfolio. “Mood Magic”, an intelligent, multi channel driver and controller unit, is the latest product to be included in Savage Marineʼs product and lighting system solutions.

Specifically designed and engineered to be installed and compatible with all the technical and ambient demands of a marine environment as well as onboard integrated electrical and end user control systems, “Mood Magic” enables simple management of multiple light sources. Controlling multiple LED and halogen light fittings from one unit with unlimited “mood scene” capability, enables lighting control, dimming and mood settings to be easily integrated, regardless of colour or lighting type. Technical design features have been carefully considered allowing each of the 20 outputs to be independently dimmable with an in-built management system providing system monitoring and feedback on temperature, voltage and current.

The addition of Lumotic Marineʼs “Mood Magic” to the Savage Marine lighting portfolio reflects the companyʼs development towards providing complete interior and exterior lighting solutions. The introduction of this product to their lighting range has been based on technical and design demands. As onboard lighting design and control continues to become a greater customer focus, so has the need for driver, dimming and controller units to work with the rapidly growing supply and technical needs of LED lighting and then also in combination with halogen fittings. From an installation perspective, “Mood Magic” has been specifically designed to reduce space and cost and can be used for both new builds and refits making it the ideal addition to the products Savage Marine Ltd provides.

Working with Lumotics Marine has formed part of a natural progression as we continue to develop complete lighting solutions. “Mood Magic” compliments our range of LED and halogen fittings and provides the solution we need to offer our clients an ʻeasy to installʼ technical lighting control unit that allows all of our lighting types to be run simultaneously. Being able to address every output individually means we can offer the very best in mood and scene design. Having feedback available from the unit ensures technical systems are easily monitored and controlling a greater number of various light outputs from one source removes the issues previously associated with LED fittings regarding multiple driver installation.” comments Julie Clark, Sales Director, Savage Marine Ltd.

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