Savage Marine Ltd launches new interior LED lighting range

Savage Marine Ltd, specialists in lighting solutions for the superyacht industry, have announced the launch of a new range of interior LED lighting. This launch follows their recent increase in all of their facilities and services enabling them to expand their product range, technology development and manufacturing capabilities.

The new range of LED interior downlights seamlessly combines the very latest in LED technology with contemporary design and high quality manufacturing. The design approach behind the 88mm and 82mm fittings, available in a wide range of finishes, is to offer clients a product that not only deals with the current demands for low energy consumption and environmentally friendly products but also ensures that the aesthetic and integrated interior decoration aspects of the fittings are not overlooked. Savage Marine Lightingʼs technical engineers and developers have worked closely with the in-house designers to create this new contemporary range where neither functionality nor feature are compromised.

When LEDs first hit our market a few years ago, the technology, cost and design aspects still had a long way to go in terms of being a viable competitor for halogen solutions. The advancements in electronics, light output and colour temperature have been considerable and now with the added capabilities of effective and true dimming and easier integration in to control systems, we have seen a marked increase in the demand to replace halogen fittings for LED solutions. Our new in-house manufacturing facilities have enabled us to combine more cost effective engineering and our experience of providing lighting solutions for the superyacht industry with the latest and most advanced LED technology to offer an interior LED lighting range that can compete with halogen fittings in all aspects. We recognise that many customers still want and continue to specify halogen solutions and therefore these ranges will still be available but as more and more clients move towards LEDs, our commitment to working with the latest electronics and technology is an integral part of the companyʼs continuing development” comments Julie Clark, Operations and Sales Director.

The new LED interior lights, available in both 5 watt and 10 watt, work on 12v, 24v,110v or 240v with independent drivers and an integrated dimmable / non-dimmable driver is also available for 24v requirements. Technically, these LED lights offer excellent light output in both strength and quality with the 5 watt warm white providing 360Lm or 3000k and the cool white 480Lm / 5100K. For those opting for the 10 watt solution, there are 3 varieties of white available from the colour spectrum with the warmest white providing 620 Lm or 2700 k and the cool white 640Lm / 4500k. The lights use the latest LED technology ensuring optimum light colour ranges.

From a design and interior feature aspect, the customer can choose whether the light fittings subtly blend in to the interior, complimenting the design by choosing a bespoke finish specific to their requirements or whether they become a feature by choosing a more contemporary, prominent finish turning the fittings in to a design focal point. All fittings have a choice of lens types, colour finishes and and can be supplied as fixed or swivel fittings. For more bespoke and customised requirements, low level lighting and larger fittings can also be designed to match the range selected.

This new range of interior fittings represents the expansion and growth of Savage Marine Lighting and really embraces the demand of the industry to produce design focused products of the highest quality with consideration and understanding of current technology and demands onboard.

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