Schooner Meteor wins 3 awards

The Meteor team, Royal Huisman Shipyard, Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects, J/G Alden Design and John Munford Design, where proud to receive the Awards at the, by Boat International initiated, event in Venice.

As described by the World Superyacht Award Judges:

Winner Sailing Yacht of the Year
Of the entire fleet finalist sailing yachts, the judges considered that the gaff-rigged schooner Meteor combined the best appearance, technology and appropriate interior design, while being a seaworthy high-performance offshore cruiser in all wind and sea conditions.

Winner Sailing Yacht Exterior Styling
The recreation of an authentically classic style, while using modern technology and providing modern amenities, is not a straightforward task, especially when the modern high-tech element of the yacht must remain in the background. Dykstra & Partners has become an expert in this field while working on J-Class and other sailing yachts from past eras, and the judges felt that their outstanding work on Meteor was well deserving of this award.

Winner Sailing Yacht in the 45m+ size range
While Meteor is, in appearance, a classic yacht, everything else about her is completely state-of-the-art, from her carbon fibre spars and standing rigging to her sails controls and machinery. On top of the excellent performance shown in her polar diagrams, the judges admired the perfection of her design, both interior and exterior and the superlative quality of her construction.

Schooner Meteor
Inspired by the owner's love for the Gloucester Schooners, Meteor is a traditional Schooner for the experienced sailor and marine entrepreneur designed and built to the latest yachting standards. Comfortable and performance orientated. Her design was based on the Dykstra & Partners designed Borkumriff IV, also built at Royal Huisman Shipyard.

Meteor has a tradional Schooner rig but constructed from carbon fibre to enhance her sailing performance.



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