Scubacraft introduces the world's most exciting superyacht toy

The boating industry is about to experience a revolution in the perception of just what a highperformance sports boat is capable of with the launch of Scubacraft, the world’s most advanced watercraft that features patented technology; allowing it to transform into a streamlined submersible.

Although James Bond has yet to get his hands on Scubacraft, the development team has successfully completed underwater testing at Pinewood Studios, where many of the 007 films are famously filmed. According to Robin Harris, MD of Creative Worldwide “We strive to push the boundaries of what is feasible; the result is a watercraft that delivers the dream of outstanding surface performance with the thrill of underwater flight. Scubacraft will meet customer’s expectations of a powerful, dynamic and exclusive watercraft that makes the undersea more accessible than ever before”.

Scubacraft delivers an experience of unrivalled intensity and excitement by fusing world-class industrial design with patented technology to bring you the ultimate water machine. Scubacraft is capable of travelling at speeds of over 50 mph and within minutes, it can transform into a free-flooding, selfcontained hydrodynamic flying machine, submerging to depths of up to 30 metres.

Scubacraft is powered on the surface by an advanced engine that produces 160hp; weighing in at less than 400Kg, the resulting power to weight ratio delivers blistering acceleration. The power is harnessed by the advanced twin-tunnel hull that provides low-speed stability and high-speed dynamic lift for a jetpowered, air-cushioned ride. Travelling from the shore directly to a dive location, this remarkable machine uses innovative technology that allows it to transform into a wet submersible. Powered underwater by electric thrusters and lithium batteries it uses intuitive controls to offer the amazing experience of flying underwater.

Safety and reliability are paramount to the development of Scubacraft and the business is currently in the process of completing an extensive testing program that will result in Scubacraft meeting international certification. Our philosophy of uncompromising commitment to quality resonates throughout the entire Scubacraft development; utilising the latest composite materials, bespoke craftsmanship and precision engineering to deliver a product that offers more than ever before.

Production capacity is limited, customers are advised to lock their order position with a fully refundable deposit to minimise waiting times.

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