Seabob, the world's fastest water and diving scooter

Whether you want to speed through the water, glide gently over the surface, dive down to a depth of 40 meters - all is possible with the Seabob. Seabob, the world's fastest water and diving scooter, has established itself as an ultra modern, and very exciting watersports item. A perfect high thrill toy, to be carried on board a superyacht.

Hydro-dynamic shapes give Seabob unheard of agility in the water. Steering is easy, and works by shifting your body weight. Powered by an electric jetstream system, Seabob is environmentally friendly, and inexpensive to run. In fact, it's drive system in completely emission free, and virtually silent.

Energy comes from powerful high energy Li-Ion accumulators. Li-lon technology is a pioneering product developed by space research programs. Seabob's developers have combined cutting edge technology and an aesthetically pleasing design, in order to create a watersports machine that offers an amazing variety of application options.

Seabob offers a variety of models, the 3 HP Seabob Ravejet, the 4 HP Seabob Jet, the 5 HP Seabob Cayago VX2, and the new Seabob Cayago F7. The latter, with its 7 HP engine, reaches speeds of up to 22 km/h on the surface, and reaches 18 km/h under water. A thrilling riding experience. A specially developed belt system transforms the tremendous thrust into a more relaxing driving experience. The F7 comes in a wide variety of colours, such as Star White, as well as the exotic Diago Red.



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