Seakeeper gyros standard on the new Heesen 65 metre yacht

When a yacht builder premieres an extraordinary engineering advance, other components must be equally revolutionary. Twenty years in development, Heesen Yachts' Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) debuts on its new 65 metre yacht, the first of which will launch in 2013. To provide underway and at anchor stabilization for this unique design, Heesen has chosen Seakeeper M21000 gyros as standard equipment.

Nearly a year into its construction at the Heesen shipyard, this is the world's first fast displacement yacht. The recently-delivered Seakeeper gyros, 5 units for this 65 metre craft, will be installed with the assistance of Seakeeper's Dutch distributor, Kemper en Van Twist Diesel.

Heesen's FDHF incorporates features that affect hydrodynamic resistance over the entire speed range, such as the limited immersed transom, bulbous bow, trim control and spray rails for a 30% increase in hull efficiency. When paired with the yacht's MTU M93L engines, it will have a 4,200 nm range with 20 knot cruising speeds and a top speed of 27 knots.

With such a unique hull design, it's not possible to use external appendages, such as stabilizing fins, that could affect performance. Housed completely inside the lightweight, efficient Heesen hull, the -Seakeeper gyros will provide power-saving stabilization while the yacht is underway, at zero speed or at anchor. The powerful righting torque of each M21000 gyro results from a steel flywheel spinning at high speeds in a vacuum, within an aluminum housing. Drawing a miserly 3 kW at full speed, each gyro delivers 21,000 Newton meter seconds of angular momentum to achieve up to 80% roll reduction. This ensures owners and guests are comfortable, and safe, onboard in varying sea conditions.

Luxurious amenities on this remarkable Heesen design include a duplex beach club, glass-bottom swimming pool, 10 sq. m side balcony, a vast sundeck, and accommodations for up to 12 guests in custom-built quarters. Seakeepers' steadying force will be particularly appreciated on the touch-and-go helicopter deck and in the multiple tender garages.

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