SeaSkin develops Protectapeel range for Med marine market

SeaSkin International based in Barcelona, has just signed an exclusive deal to be the sole supplier of Spraylat’s ‘Protectapeel’ products for Spanish marine territories.

SeaSkin International is a world authority in the science of shine with unrivalled experience in the protection and enhancement of superyacht surfaces, perfecting the mirror-finish shine that every superyacht owner and operator demands and every boat owner aspires to.

SeaSkin’s specially-developed Protectapeel range provides temporary masking and protection against environmental contamination and physical damage for up to 12 months. The system is perfect for protecting all exterior and interior megayacht surfaces during delivery voyages or scheduled shipyard visits. Applied as a liquid (by spray or roller) these coatings dry to form a skin-tight plastic film which is simply peeled away when required, revealing your pristine surface beneath.

Once applied the peelable polymer shields surfaces from all possible sources of physical and chemical damage during downtime. It will also drastically reduce yacht cleaning costs and the long-term impact of the microscopic damage that is, ironically, caused by regular crew wash-downs.

“We have proved that these amazing ‘paint-on/peel off’ coatings are ideal for the superyacht sector,” explains Dave Benson, MD of SeaSkin International. “Historically the yards big enough to handle superyacht and megayacht refurbishments are usually situated in industrial areas where airborne dust, ferrous particles and solvents are common. We see a lot of very expensive but preventable re-work to yacht surfaces that could easily have been avoided if Protectapeel had been used.”

But it’s not just paint, glass and metal that can be safely cocooned from the environment. Protectapeel Teakguard provides a physical and chemical barrier for your teak, ensuring that deck and handrails remain unmarked by heavy works traffic or foul weather during delivery.

SeaSkin International offers a complete professional ‘paint-it, protect-it and peel-it’ service and a full ‘winterising’ programme for any size of yacht. The company can also supply Protectapeel products and training to yards and individuals for smaller projects or DIY applications.

Protectapeel was created in 1992 and has achieved proven results for the British Royal Navy and BAE Marine Systems among others. It is already trusted by top U.S. and European boat manufacturers, including Hatteras, Fairline, Sunseeker and Ferretti. It’s available in various standard colours including translucent and is waterborne, non-toxic and non-flammable. The dry film can be disposed of as a low hazard and is not harmful to the environment.



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