SeaSkin’s expansion underlines buoyant superyacht sector

Barcelona-based SeaSkin International reveals plans to expand its specialist surface protection network throughout the Mediterranean ensuring that superyachts can always look their best.

Despite gloomy short-term predictions in the small and medium-sized leisure boating sector, the superyacht market remains remarkably strong. This all bodes well for SeaSkin International, one of a handful of specialist service providers in this elite boating league.

The company is a world authority in the science of shine with unrivalled experience in the protection and enhancement of superyacht surfaces, perfecting that mirror-finish shine that every superyacht owner and operator demands.

“The super and megayacht sectors have both witnessed steady growth in the last decade but in the last two years we have started to notice a marked increase in activity, as more and more big yachts join the global fleet,” explains Dave Benson, MD of SeaSkin International from his company’s headquarters in Barcelona.

“The service that we offer can transform the appearance of a superyacht and simultaneously reduce its lifetime cleaning and repainting costs,” says Benson. “We can rejuvenate dull paintwork and tired glass surfaces to give that yard-fresh, ultra high-gloss finish without the huge expense of re-painting or re-glazing.”

The figures are not to be sniffed at either. The savings from using SeaSkin’s specially developed polymer system are a fortuitous by-product of looking beautiful. Reductions in downtime, lost revenue, dry dock and painting costs could save a regular superyacht $millions in just a couple of seasons.

SeaSkin International’s main base is in Barcelona and the company is planning to establish new satellite offices in Palma (Mallorca) and Tarragona by the end of the 2008 season. Creating a triangular catchment area in some of World’s busiest superyacht waters.

“Superyacht owners depend on our system to keep their vessels looking their best,” adds Benson. “It takes the guesswork and hard work out of their maintenance and cleaning schedules and our results are backed by an industry-leading 12-month warranty."



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