Second edition of The Great Southern Route

By captains for captains – every captain loves a freebie and at Monaco every captain received the heavyweight gift that could well turn out to be worth its weight in gold. The GSR is a hefty but much-needed, revolutionary maritime road map for yachts considering a visit to the Antipodes”. – Michael Howorth in Dockwalk November 2007.

Ocean Media has announced an expanded second edition of The Great Southern Route (GSR) superyacht cruising guide, to be released at this year’s 2009 Monaco Yacht Show. To be current for the next two years - 2010/2011 - this latest edition will include totally updated Fact Files of key superyacht contacts in some 83 ports and countries across eight regions, book-ended by the two great canals of Suez in the West and Panama in the East. Including the first-hand advice of over 30 superyacht captains, GSR’s “Captain’s Log” editorial contributions from mariners who have actually cruised these waters offer the benefit of priceless experience. The new edition will now also include countries in South-eastern Africa, the Northern Pacific and the Americas.

The original Great Southern Route (GSR) guide for 2008/9 was hailed a great success receiving many accolades since it was launched to the world at Monaco Yacht Show in September 2007. “GSR” pioneered the ‘captain to captain’ sailing directory approach and we only included companies that were researched and established as bona fide superyacht industry participants, including their details for the benefit of superyacht captains and their yacht owners planning a voyage south of the typical cruising waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Since publication, GSR has been hand delivered to thousands of superyachts and superyacht industry businesses in the Mediterranean, UK, Florida, New York, California, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Tahiti, Fiji and many other places. An additional 1000 copies were mailed directly to superyacht captains worldwide, and over 3000 copies have been distributed at boat shows in Caribbean, Monaco, Ft Lauderdale, St Maarten, Antigua and Düsseldorf. We believe our distribution achieved penetration to the key decision makers throughout the industry internationally, and has led to much greater interest in cruising further afield.

The Great Southern Route is available free of charge to members of the international superyacht industry and apart from the 300-page hard copy it can also be viewed in page-by-page detail in the digital edition at or where you can also order a hard copy of the guide.

Destinations along the route should ensure that you send us new information regarding your company and region for inclusion in the new edition. This includes information such as names of recent superyachts visiting your country or port, any new websites, publications and new businesses and organisations that you believe warrant inclusion in the Fact File pages.

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