Semi-automatic superlight pantograph door by Opacmare

Innovation and research are at the base of this new product presented by Opacmare for the 2010-2011 season: a semi-automatic superlight pantograph door, both innovative in use and concept of materials โ€“ a vacuum composite โ€“ as well as for the simplicity in its mechanisms, developed for a well-known boatyard that wasted no time in understanding its potential.

This patented door can be adapted for either lateral access to the helm, engine room or garage. Superlight and extra slim (15-18 kg/33โ€“40 lbs against the usual 60 kg/133 lbs. of a traditional door) thanks to both the composite structure and the fact that all the mechanisms are mounted on the frame as opposed to the door itself. Easy to open, even by a child, installation by the boatyard is also facilitated as less than two hours and only two workers are needed.

The opening/closing mechanism is driven by four electric actuators with sensors, operated by two internal push buttons (located on the frame) and one external button (on the handle) that easily release and/or recall the door leaf: a horizontal handle, of simple linear design, with an upward grip facilitates manual operation of the door.

Four very effective automatic junction devices guarantee perfect weather-tightness. Being positioned on the interior frame a greater glazed surface is possible, thus greater vision from the inside. The super light extra slim structure of this door, made possible through RTM-resin transfer moulding- as opposed to spraying, has also allowed for the development of a smaller rotating arm with a reduced radius which allows the door to align better with the superstructure when open limiting encumbrance along the side passage (up to 15 cm/6 inches less!).

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