September brokerage news from Northrop and Johnson

Northrop and Johnson is pleased to announce the sale of the 112ft Centinela III and the listing of two new yachts for sale; the 160 ft Delta Newvida and the 245ft passenger sailing ship Caledonia.

Kevin Merriganโ€™s central listing Newvida, the 2001 160โ€™ Delta, completed classification for R.I.N.A this past spring in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before departing to the Mediterranean. With over 8,000 square feet of luxury living, zero speed stabilizers and state of the art A/V- cross the Atlantic in comfort! Newvida is offered for sale and charter and will be available for inspection by appointment only at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The 245โ€™SOLAS classed, 76 passenger sailing ship, Caledonia, has been listed for sale by Michael Nethersole. The total rebuild of Caledonia was completed this year under the supervision of Transport Canada surveyors and exceeds the new SOLAS requirements that come into effect in 2010. She is ready to go in all respects and is offered in impeccable condition and at a very attractive price.

David Roscow, of the San Diego office, is delighted to announce the sale of his central listing Centinela III, the 2002 112-foot Raised Pilothouse Crescent. Centinela III is a 4 stateroom yacht that boasts a Robin Rose interior and many custom built-in upgrades. The Seller enjoyed seven very successful seasons aboard the yacht and looks forward to many more aboard his new Feadship (Centinela IV), the acquisition of which was also handled by David Roscow.



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