Serafino Riva training school opens it's doors

Monday was the first school day for the 15 boys selected to be part of the brand new “Serafino Riva” Training School. Ferruccio Rossi, Riva CEO, and Francesco Frediani, VP Sales & Marketing, personally gave the starting signal to the first step of the 290 hours course that will take place in classes made out of former offices in the historic headquarters in Sarnico.

The aim is to introduce the boys to the pleasure boating field and to the theoretical and practical aspects of Riva reality. The 15 selected, boys who have just got their degree in professional high schools or who have already experienced some jobs, will receive expressly realized work clothing. Until October 12th they will attend theoretical and practical classes hold by external educators from CISITA and by internal teachers, among which employees and chiefs of different departments at Riva. In this way the students will have the chance to learn the necessary competences and to directly practice them in the field. At the end of the training course, the students who will pass it will be employed by Riva with a provisional contract and a second edition for 15 more graduated will begin just after the first series of lessons.

“The difference between a Riva and all other boats is its soul. – says Ferruccio Rossi, Riva CEO – Each millimetre of our yachts reveals the passion, the proud, the care felt by the men who physically built and refined them. We are aware that our production methods, mostly inherited by Carlo Riva, constitute the real richness of our shipyard. That’s why we’ve decided to open a school for yachts builders.

Following the catchword “tradition and innovation”, it will hand on to new generations the unique working methods our workers have been using for more than forty years. This is a treasure we don’t have the right to waste.” The project of the “Serafino Riva” Training School, promoted by CEO Ferruccio Rossi and by the HR Department in Forlì, in cooperation with Adecco and Humangest that took care of candidates’ selection, is part of a major project including the renewal and redevelopment of the two Riva shipyards (Sarnico and La Spezia). Permitted by the investments of Ferretti Group, owning the brand, the project will determine, within September 2007, a doubling of the production surfaces in La Spezia and the opening of a new productive line in Sarnico, made out of the former moulding department building that has now been completely restored.



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