Interview: Sergei Dobroserdov on setting up the Dynamiq Shipyard

Written by Ellie Brade

There aren’t many superyacht brokers who take the step of starting their own shipyard, but that is precisely what Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO and founder of Italy-based Dynamiq did. First presenting the brand in Monaco in 2015, Dobroserdov’s background as a broker specialising in new construction and his passion for design have proved an invaluable combination when at the helm of Dynamiq

Sergei DobroserdovPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsGrowing up in yachting playgrounds 

Born and raised in Moscow, Sergei Dobroserdov grew up the son of a diplomat who worked in Southern Europe. This meant summers by the water in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, leading to a lifelong love for these natural yachting playgrounds. “I first got my passion for the sea from there,” he remembers. After beginning his career as a maritime lawyer, with a focus on commercial shipbuilding, Dobroserdov later entered the world of superyachts as a broker, heading up the newly-formed Fraser Russia office between 2002 and 2004, he gained invaluable exposure to yachting brands from around the world. Relocating to Monaco in 2008, he remains based in the Principality today. 

It was his stint as a broker that was to set Dobroserdov on the path towards establishing Dynamiq and the new construction market quickly became a special interest. Over the years, he worked with a range of yachts and yards, especially in Holland, including managing the 44-metre Heesen My Petra (now Lady Lara) for the family of shipyard founder, Frans Heesen. From this experience, he developed a broad picture of both what was being done well by shipyards and what left room for improvement. Dynamiq Yachts shipyardPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsFrom broker to shipyard founder

It was clear to Dobroserdov that there was potential for a new yard that would challenge the norm. “I saw three big issues which I considered to be business opportunities,” he explains. First, the lack of yachts combining higher speeds with a long range. Second, the lack of middle ground between high North European quality and design and more affordable pricing. Third, the lack of transparency across the wider market, with clients often struggling to get even the most essential information such as pricing or a delivery schedule. “I thought the time was right for a change, and we started Dynamiq with just these three ideas,” he says. Dynamiq Yachts shipyardPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsThe yard’s transparent approach is intended to be appealing to owners and brokers alike, with Dobroserdov placing particular importance on the hands-on involvement of the brokerage community. Based in Massa, Italy, under Dobroserdov’s leadership, Dynamiq offers northern European quality builds, created by Dutch naval architects and engineers, from its modern facility. The company’s three key arms include a design division, Dobroserdov Design, the new construction division, Dynamiq Yachts, and Dynamiq Sales and Charter. 

“We’re trying to develop a comprehensive range of activities at the yard, because by doing that they strengthen and support each other,” says Dobroserdov. “Our brokerage experience has given us a wealth of experience that can be incorporated into every build, and then we can design and create what works because we have the yard… it’s like we are designers who also know how to build.” Notably too, the design and brokerage services provided by Dynamiq can be rendered to clients without any connection to new construction. Dynamiq GTT 115 1 of 7 cruisingPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsDynamism is at the shipyard's core

Creating something unique that is functional and beautiful, is at the heart of the Dynamiq strategy – and the name Dynamiq itself gives an instant clue to the type of client that the yard is targeting. “We build dynamic boats for dynamic people, with a high IQ who are very rational, very calculating, who are self-made and who, knowing the price of the money they earned, spend their money in the best possible way,” says Dobroserdov. Dynamiq GTT 115 1 of 7 anchoredPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsDynamiq GTT 115 1 of 7 cruisingPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsDynamiq’s pre-engineered designs are able to be customised using a unique “Build Your Own” configurator tool that allows clients to make their mark on proven designs and incorporate the details and items that will make a yacht feel like home. This offering is where Dobroserdov’s brokerage experience and deep understanding of the operational requirements of yachts has truly come into play.Dynamiq GTT 115 1 of 7 diningPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsDynamiq GTT 115 1 of 7 deckPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsLaunching yachts with a difference 

After launching its first build, the 39m Jetsetter in 2016, a GT 115 followed in 2017 and the first 41-metre GTT 135 model is now in the final stages of construction ahead of its September 2020 launch. Developing signature designs is a crucial strategy for the yard as it keeps carving its place in the market. 

“Design is the key part of identifying your brand,” says Dobroserdov. “At the moment the whole market is using four or five main design offices and for me, most of the yachts in the semi-custom segment of 30-50 metres have started to look pretty much the same. They are the work of great designers who do great work but where is the face of the shipyard in them?”Dynamiq GTT 115 1 of 7 cruisingPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsIn 2019 the yard added to its portfolio with the unveiling of its Global range of expedition yachts with a GTT 165 50-metre model also unveiled in early 2020. For Dobroserdov, 50 metres is the highest end of what the yard will build. “My idea is that the Dynamiq principles are applicable to the range of 30 to 50 metres and if it’s more than 50 metres then it's a really custom boat and it should be designed and built purely according to the requests of the client,” he says. “We see our niche and our business opportunity in building boats that are in the 40-45 metre range but that have the quality of a 60-metre plus yacht.”Dynamiq GTT 115 1 of 7 cruisingPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsThe future of Dynamiq

Constant improvement is an underlying goal at Dynamiq and, in line with this goal, a new series of expedition yachts for active owners is soon to be revealed by the yard. While the details are still shrouded in secrecy, the project promises to offer a different spin on the expedition style, together with that distinctive Dynamiq design flair.

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