Setting foot on U-Boat Worx’ C-Quester in Monaco

At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show we had a chance to witness U-Boat Worx’ C-Quester. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to actually take the C-Quester under water, but we did take her out for a little spin, allowing us to experience the feel of this fun toy. The video at the bottom of this article should give you an idea of what it’s like to really use her as intended.

The electric C-Questers can dive down to a depth of 100 metres. They are the first commercially available submersible to be equipped with Lithium-Ion battery technology. She seats 3 persons (1 pilot and 2 passengers) and includes Germanischer Lloyd classification. The C-Quester offers a significant passenger payload, comfort, air conditioning, easy and safe embarkation, and a splendid view.

U-Boat Worx founder Bert Houtman already had the dream of building his own private submarines back in the early 80s. U-Boat Worx was eventually founded in 2005 with the objective of creating subs with unprecedented “value for money”. Built at the company’s headquarters in Breda, The Netherlands, these subs are currently one the most innovative toys on the market.

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By Alex Pope



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