Setzer gets projects underway in Taiwan, Mainland China and Holland

Yacht architects Setzer Design Group has signed on with Monte-Fino Yachts in Taiwan to provide a series of new, ultra-modern products for its lines from 60 feet to 115 feet.

Monte-Fino is one of many lines produced by Kha-Shing Enterprises of Taiwan, who also produce the Hargrave Yachts. The studio already has projects underway in mainland China at King Bay Yachts and has further work pending start up later this Summer.

Setzer is also preparing for the initial release of a 70-meter (230’) megayacht for Dutch builder Icon Yachts. Unique conceptual work is already underway and will be released for review by late May.

Setzer has teamed up on the Icon Project with Adriel Rollins of Seattle, Washington. Adriel is assisting with vessel interiors and other parts of visualization and industrial design to enhance the overall work. Both firms are determined to prove a highly innovative design will result from such open-minded, collaborative efforts.

β€œThese projects to be exemplary of what can be achieved when U.S. designers work together on a global scale,” said yacht architect Ward Setzer.

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