Seven Sevenstar vessels carrying close to 100 yachts to FLIBS

Sevenstar Yacht Transport has served the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show for 10 years now and has a record breaking amount of at least 93 yachts on 7 motor vessels (MV’s) heading to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville this time. Expected times of arrival vary from 5 to 14 October. The majority of the yachts shipped are new-build motor yachts.

MV Dynamogracht was loaded in Genoa, Italy, and has 26 yachts, varying in size from 10 to 36 meters, on board. The second vessel, MV Statengracht, is coming from Southampton and is transporting 8 new-build yachts to West Palm Beach.

Another vessel, MV Dijksgracht, coming from Hong Kong and Kaohsiung, has 11 yachts on board and will discharge in West Palm Beach.

MV Tracer has loaded 10 yachts in Ancona, serving the Italian yards from the Adriatic, mostly new-build, and is heading to Fort Lauderdale.

From La Rochelle, France, Sevenstar positioned the MV Lady Claudia, which is presently on its way to West Palm Beach. Lady Claudia carries 17 new-build yachts of France’s largest yacht builder on board.

Besides the above mentioned vessels, all owned by Sevenstar sister companies, Sevenstar has also chartered MV Maersk Illinois, which will be loaded in Genoa and Palma de Mallorca and will head to Fort Lauderdale with over 20 yachts on board.

Many of the yachts being shipped will be exhibited at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. It goes without saying that Sevenstar Yacht Transport will host a stand on this years’ Show.

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