Ship owner Döhle to expand yacht crewing services

German ship owner Peter Döhle Schiffahrts KG is expanding its yacht crew support services for superyachts through its Isle of Man office, Döhle (IOM) Ltd. The goal is to maintain a pool of experienced, qualified and service-oriented personnel for the growing fleet of superyachts clients by providing a comprehensive range of personnel services.

Resisting the label of yacht “manager”, Döhle (IOM) Ltd considers its yacht services to actually be “yacht support” designed to assist, not interfere, with the yacht Captain.

“We already provide our Captains and Owners with recruiting, payroll services and employment services,” said Rob Tobin, General Manager of Döhle’s Private Marine Clients and Yacht Support, “The broadening of these to include services such as assistance with pensions, bank and continuing education is a natural extension.”

The expansion includes a new Döhle yacht crew website which becomes fully operational on 25 May 2007 as the gateway to its yacht crew software which, not surprisingly, is derived from their experience with their own comprehensive in-house developed commercial crew management software.

Döhle’s yacht crew services are planned to include candidate vetting via personal interview, assistance with locating advice for pensions, taxes, offshore banking, insurance as well as continuing education not only in statutory topics but also professional subjects and business skills. In addition to travel services, personal coaching and career assessment will be offered.

Döhle intends to duplicate its success sourcing commercial seafarers through its in-house network of agencies around the world which alleviates a shortage of commercial seafarers.

“Our shipping experience of course gives us infrastructure and technical marine experience, but we recognise that the needs of superyachts are very different, particularly in personal service,” says Tobin, “Our goal is to ensure that our yacht Captains and Owners have deck, engineering and interior service personnel and that those crew in turn see long-term career paths, at sea and ashore. So, we must stand out as a top quality employer in the superyacht industry, just as we do in shipping.”

Döhle’s services are planned to extend to those yacht crew wanting jobs ashore such as technical support and project management.

The Döhle Group owns or manages over 300 commercial vessels and employs over 3500 commercial seafarers. Since its entry into the superyacht business in 2003 the company now supports over twenty superyachts up to 120 meters LOA.

“Bottom-line it’s not all about the yachts themselves,” says Tobin, “For both commercial shipping and yachts, it’s all about the people.”



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