Shipyard profile: The Horizon Group

Established in 1987, their main facility is located at the Hsiao Kang district. Nowadays, they have not only become the largest leading yacht-building shipyard in Taiwan, but the Horizon Group is one of the world’s largest builders of fiberglass megayachts.

The Horizon group has established five subsidiaries, with different purposes and functions.

The fleet and markets
Horizon promotes its own brand name globally. The European market has been their biggest sales area, followed by the USA, Asia and Australia. They offer the following model series: Elegance, Vision and Premier and the three new model series were introduced recently Bandido , Sportfisher and Solar boats.

Their yachts range from 23’ to 130’. They also have plans for 163’ yacht, of which the construction will start in 2009. Among their model series, the Solar Boats are very special projects for Horizon. They plan to release 23’ and 42’ in 2009.

“Solar boat is a new project for Horizon Group and its purpose is to give good returns to the earth in a more environmental friendly way of building boats” says Vincee Wu, of Horizon’s International Marketing Center. “We have signed a contract with a German solar boat builder to develop a series of solar powered boats starting from a 23' catamaran. It is still at design stage, so I do not have a lot of information to reveal yet” she continues.

With the trend of building yachts bigger and bigger, and due to the reasons of FRP length limitations and environmental protection concerns, Horizon Group is planning to build steel/aluminum hulls in the near future. SYT will keep you up-to-date about the developments at the Horizon Group.

By Ralph Liang & Luc Chen



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