Top trending deck products for 2021

When looking for superyacht-specific deck products, quality options for yacht owners and crew can be limited. With a diverse range of products available that focus on all aspects of yachting, from tender mooring options to custom fenders, Shipyard Supply Co (SSCo) is providing an answer to yacht owners and superyacht crew looking for innovative, reliable and high-quality deck products.

Founded by former yacht crew, Shipyard Supply Co are at the forefront of custom design when it comes to the latest and greatest deck products. From next-generation tender whips to pillar fenders custom-designed to suit every kind of superyacht, here we take a look at the top 5 deck products from Shipyard Supply Co to look out for in  2021.

Tender whips

With Shipyard Supply Co’s 6-metre carbon tender whips met with unprecedented success upon their launch last year, the new second-generation 4.8-metre GRP whips are set to be one of the most sought after yacht products for the 2021 summer season. Utilising the same internal line system as their 6-metre counterparts, this innovative setup significantly reduces line chafe and improves the looks of the tender whips for a cleaner, chicer tender aesthetic.Superyacht Tenders & ToysJet ski trolleys

With limited options available across the industry, an impressive core range of options makes Shipyard Supply Co’s jet ski trolleys a must-have deck product. From a fully adjustable trolley designed to suit all makes and jet ski models to the ultra-low trolley offering the perfect solution for jet skis stored in the bow or superyacht garages with limited lifting capacity, these jet ski trollies are designed to maximise space.Superyacht Tenders and ToysSuperyacht Tenders & ToysBoarding ladders

With a new ladder in the pipeline for 2021, SSCo’s boarding ladder is set to be the top new deck product in 2021. Created specifically for the superyacht industry, this product stands out from the crowd. Designed to make crew life simpler, the ladder delivers easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the bow and makes tender boarding a breeze.  Manufactured from superyacht-quality materials ensures exceptional durability, even in the harshest ocean environments.Superyacht Tenders and Toys

Pillar fenders

SSCo’s substantial range of pillar fenders for any size and type of yacht makes protecting your superyacht simple. Sometimes known as tender fenders or vertical fenders, pillar fenders are by far the most efficient way of protecting your swim platform or shell door. Shipyard Supply Co’s latest offering is their folding pillar fender - perfect for time-critical departures from anchorages.Superyacht Tenders and ToysSuperyacht Tenders & Toys Photo: Superyacht Tenders & ToysSuperyacht Tenders & Toys Photo: Superyacht Tenders & ToysBespoke solutions

Many yacht owners and captains are looking for increasingly bespoke superyacht solutions, from a new tender chock system or jet ski storage combined with a RIB.  Shipyard Supply Co are experts at offering custom products, with an extensive portfolio of past bespoke projects. With a team of world-leading naval architects and engineers as well as a large manufacturing facility, SSCo is on hand to make the impossible a reality.

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