Shoremaster by Imtech & Mastervolt

It is now 5 years from the first introduction of the Shoremaster shore converter product line, with more than 75 converters sold the product has proven to be a market success. The latest generation Shoremaster, the Compact, was introduced beginning of 2006 and is showing a strong continuation of the product success formula with a record sales of already 30 units.

The development and sales of the Shoremaster has been done in partnership with Mastervolt, where Imtech is responsible for the development and manufacturing and Mastervolt is responsible for the design of the cabinet and marketing & sales. The co-operation and the achievements reached have positioned Imtech and Mastervolt firmly within the top 3 of worldwide shore converter suppliers.

The Shoremaster converts shore power, which is available in harbours worldwide, to a frequency and voltage suitable to supply the distribution system of a particular vessel, mostly yachts but commercial ships as well. This new Shoremaster range is build-up in modular steps of 25kVA till 200kVA and is equipped with a user interface for operation and diagnostics. The Shoremaster has been delivered for projects all over the world with references in Europe, Asia, US, Australia and New Zealand.

The new Shoremaster Compact made an innovation leap showing strong numbers greatly outperforming its predecessor:

- Power density per kVA is more than doubled;
- Weight has been reduced with 40% per kVA;
- The housing is completely redesigned to make it fit for transport through doors and placement close to the hull, making the refit of ships far easier and reducing the space envelope required.

Furthermore several innovative features will become available, providing short-term economical and environmental added value not only for yachts but for commercial vessels as well.

The Shoremaster has been enlisted for the HME Maritime Innovation Award 2006, as being a successful product supporting the international position of the Dutch maritime industry.

For those interested to see the product, the Shoremaster will be on display on the coming maritime fairs in Monaco, Hamburg and Fort Lauderdale.



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