Sigmund Yacht Design pushes the envelope with superyacht Vestar

Sigmund Yacht Design aims to push the envelope of design in every way. The studio has already designed and displayed a number of advanced motor yachts and have now added a 60 metre sailing yacht within a motor range. Designed to be a modern classic, Vestar's lines and styling are an indulgence in classical elegance. Vestar pushes the limits of interior space, the most modern materials of the near future and the construction techniques needed to use the materials.

Underneath the elegant lines and balanced proportions is vestar's most exciting innovation- carbon reinforced plastic constructed using titanium graphite laminate. This advanced material melange will provide higher static strength, damage tolerance and corrosion resistance resulting in significantly higher strength/weight ratio over what is currently achieved.

Peter Symonds explains "The advantages to the designer have been encapsulated by Vestar allowing extra space, increased performance and lower maintenance costs. With recent breakthroughs in the aviation industry in making large sections from carbon composites with exotic metal weaves it can only be five to ten years before the materials and techniques are taken up in our industry. Vestar is therefore a showcase for new materials and building techniques which applies them in a subtle way and genuinely offers owners, guests and crew advantages in quality aboard, sea-keeping and economic issues. Furthermore, approaching legislation which is due to change the amount of space available will be offset by the use of exotic, stiff, lightweight materials in the design of Vestar as well as the total eradication of corrosion and fatigue from a conventional steel hull."

Continuing Vestar's inside out approach to innovation and it's refined subtlety , the hull has been designed to create the perfect form in which to base a truly usable, open and ergonomically sound yacht interior. The widest part of the hull is brought aft-wards and provides the most amount of space through beam for the most important living areas; the owner's saloon, viewing lounge and pilot house. With the interior being focused around the centre of the hull and at the widest part the advantages are many. The pilot house is very well placed and should be a joy to use for any captain. The viewing lounge and day head are less crowded due to their position giving pragmatic day to day advantages. The owners saloon really benefits from the extra space, Vestar will allow it's owner to fulfill their lifestyles with more ease, room and creativity. Innovation on the inside and from the inside distinguish the Vestar from Sigmund Yacht design's motor yachts and other modern proposals whilst meaning that this sailing yacht has hidden qualities, only to be truly enjoyed when built.

Vestar will have an overall length of 60 metres, maximum beam of 12m and a keel up Draught of 4.2m. Displacement is calculated at 650 tonnes with total sail area at 2.413mq.

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