Silent-Yachts appoints Asiamarine as new exclusive dealer in Asia Pacific

Austria-based builder Silent-Yachts has announced it is expanding its presence in the Asian market by signing an agreement with Asiamarine.Silent 120 yacht renderingsPhoto: Silent-YachtsAsiamarine will become an exclusive dealer for Silent-Yachts in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand, providing them with access and service to the company's full range of solar-powered catamarans for clients in those regions.Silent 120 Explorer yacht renderingsPhoto: Silent-Yachts"Silent-Yachts has pioneered and championed this now key segment of alternative powered catamarans for close to 20 years, gaining incomparable experience and developing reliable and performing solutions,” commented Eric Noyel, Founder and CEO of Asiamarine

“We are proud to have been chosen to accompany them in this exciting development. We expect the solar electric catamarans to be a huge success in Southeast Asia. Our clients are increasingly sensitive to the environmental challenges.”Asiamarine Asiamarine already has over 15 years of experience in the boating industry and prides itself on being the trusted, exclusive dealer of luxury yachts from leading brands across the globe. The brand also represents Fraser in those territories. The partnership with Silent-Yachts will further establish the group as a central player in the Asia Pacific region and is a major step forward for both companies.

"We are pleased to have such a reputable company as our partner in a very promising yachting region," said Michael Köhler, CEO of Silent-Yachts. "We are excited to work together and bring sustainable yachting to Asia.”Silent 120 yacht renderingsPhoto: Silent-YachtsSilent-Yachts currently has 28 solar electric catamarans under construction in two production sites, including the flagship Silent 120 Explorer, with the order book filled until 2024. Both Silent-Yachts and Asiamarine are set to take part in the Singapore Yacht Show from April 27-30, 2023.