Silhouette of the 74 metre radical superyacht Enigma

Superyacht Enigma

The 74.50 metre superyacht Enigma (ex Eco; Katana) was built by Blohm + Voss in 1991 for a famous Mexican business man. Even though she is over 20 years old, this superyacht, designed by Martin Francis, still ranks as one of the most radical superyachts ever built. She features a series of convex windows that hide from top to bottom the observation saloon, the owner's cabin, and on deck level the bridge. There used to be a glass dome on top of the wheelhouse, through which the captain could see out, but this has now been removed. In her days as Eco she also carried a seaplane on her aft deck, but this deck is now converted into a tender area, which in turn changes into a basketball area when the tenders are launched. Back in the early nineties, her original owner also owned a small fuel tanker, that the yacht used midway across the Atlantic, to refuel.

By Maarten Janssen, photo by Christo303



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