Silverlining explores the future of the superyacht interiors with four leading designers

Bespoke furniture-maker Silverlining has collaborated with four renowned yacht designers, and one architect, to develop innovative interior concepts that push the boundaries of yacht design. The project, which will be officially launched with a new book at the Monaco Yacht Show this September, explores the future of yacht interiors and how this will affect furniture design and construction.

In February, British custom furniture maker Silverlining approached four well-known and progressive boat designers – Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Eidsgaard Design, Michael Leach Design and Rémi Tessier — with the idea of exploring the future of yacht interiors together. Each design house was invited to create an architectural blueprint for a sea-worthy 21st century interior.

Working alongside the designers, Silverlining have developed items of furniture that integrate into these inspiring environments. The Silverlining book will contain the results of the collaborations and is to be launched at Monaco, together with several sample pieces of furniture. "We want to show the superyacht world where the future of interiors is heading," says Mark Boddington, Silverlining's founder and director. "And we want to lead that change." The project also includes a stunning collaboration with Russian architect Alexander Glickman: a private house with bespoke high-tech furniture that demonstrates the potential for land-based architectural projects to borrow expertise and design solution from the yacht projects.

The Future of Yacht Interiors
While yacht exteriors have become increasingly dynamic and innovative, yacht interiors have remained stuck in the past. While futuristic vessels such as the Maltese Falcon and the submarine-like A have signaled new directions for naval architecture, plush Edwardian furniture and ornate art deco stylings continue to dominate interiors. Responding to this imbalance, Silverlining asked these questions: Who is leading the way in yacht interiors? How can we respond to the demands of the 21st century and a new generation of yacht-owners? This series of collaborative projects has arisen from months of research, design, development and rigorous testing to find the answers.

The Results
Each design firm that has collaborated with Silverlining has brought its own unique perspective, aesthetic and experience to bear on the project. Yet all have responded to new trends in the modern world: the changing nature of luxury and going away from show off to more private experiences, new advances in science technology and materials, more relaxed lifestyle.

Michael Leach Design
This interior explores the potential for designers to learn from the natural world. Using the latest in material technology Leach and Silverlining have produced an interior that is tactile, organic and integrated with the yacht’s exterior.

Bannenberg & Rowell Design
With new awareness of environmental issues, the definition of luxury has moved beyond traditional materials and ornamental excess.

Bannenberg and Rowell have worked with Silverlining to explore how craftsmanship can bring value to unexpected materials.

Eidsgaard Design

Taking advantage of the unique, mobile setting of super-yachts, Eidsgaard has explored the potential for blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. The result is an interior scheme and a collection of furniture that responds to the flexible demands of younger yacht owners.

Rémi Tessier

The Parisian designer uses an innovative blend of traditional and ultramodern materials to create a strong emotional link between the owners and the design. As technology becomes ever dominant in our lives, argues Tessier, people still need a strong connection with nature and purity.

Alexander Glickman

The Russian architect has designed a private house for an exclusive client using Silverlining’s expertise in yacht interiors to create an interior scheme that blends mystery, surprise and playfulness with elegant and finely crafted finishes.

The Future
Silverlining hopes that this project will open up new possibilities for yacht interiors, and increase the demand for innovative design. As Silverlining collaborator Simon Rowell says: “Clients shouldn't let their imagination be reigned in. Our manifesto is to always move forward, and to argue that you shouldn't be contained by what’s gone before. If this project opens people's eyes then it will have been worth it.”

The project is not merely conceptual, however: super-yachts designed by Michael Leach Design and Bannenberg & Rowell will set sail next year featuring the first fruits of Silverlining’s progressive collaborations.

Silverlining is a UK-based bespoke furniture company. It was founded in 1985 by Mark Boddington, a passionate 21 year old cabinetmaker. Silverlining quickly gained reputation by creating one-off pieces for the homes of influential clients such as the Duchess of Westminster. The first yacht commission came in 1996 from Andrew Winch for the superyacht Claire. Since then the company has worked on a large number of superyachts, including award-winning Anna, Solemar and Flying Eagle. Current projects include owner supply furniture for 77, 96 and 120+ metre yachts and the order book goes well into 2012. The company is also preparing for the move onto the new bigger site next year.

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