Singapore Yacht Events committed to the growth of yachting in Asia

The success of Singapore Yacht Show 2013, held from April 18 until today, April 21, has led to the signing of an agreement between Singapore Yacht Events and Nansha Marina to extend the show into China.

Andy Treadwell, managing director of Singapore Yacht Events said he was looking at potential collaborations with all the shows in the region. "I see huge potential in what my team can do in Asia," Mr Treadwell said.

Singapore Yacht Events will help promote Yacht CN 2013 - Nansha Bay International Boat Show, held in October 2013.

Erik Fok, commodore of Nansha Marina said China presents very exciting opportunities for the yachting industry and he looks forward to working collaboratively with Singapore Yacht Events.

Nansha Marina in Guangzhou is rapidly becoming an important hub for marine leisure and boating in Southern China, and is just one hour's drive from Hong Kong and Macau.

The Nansha Bay International Boat Show launched in October last year, attracting more than 50 exhibitors and 60 vessels.

Meanwhile the Singapore Yacht Show, now in its third year, has more than doubled its number of exhibitors and visitors, showcasing an unparalled selection of boats, yachts and superyachts, as well as luxury cars, fine art and international fashion.

Exhibitors are reporting promising discussions they expect to convert to sales by the end of the week.

β€œIn terms of the significance of the yacht show, and the quality of its exhibitors this year, there is little doubt that the Singapore Yacht Show is playing a very significant part in positioning Singapore as the South East Asia business hub for the international yachting and boating industry,” Mr Treadwell said.

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