Interview: How yacht trends influence design with Çağın Genç, CEO of Sirena Marine

Turkey is deep seated in the traditions of boatbuilding – and in recent years the nation has ramped up production in the upper echelons of luxury and class, delivering an astounding portfolio of superyachts from Istanbul, Yalova and Antalya. Sirena Yachts new superyacht line 50mPhoto: Sirena YachtsDuring a press conference held at Yacht Club de Monaco at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show, it was announced that a key player from the region is riding the wave of success and looking to penetrate the superyacht segment with not one but three new models. That builder is none other than Sirena Marine.Çağın GençSuperYacht Times caught up with Çağın Genç, Chief Executive Officer of Sirena Marine, during the bustling third day of Monaco Yacht Show to hear more about this innovative, and possibly trend defining new series of superyachts. Superyacht line 50m yacht exterior design Photo: Sirena YachtsWhat drove the decision to design and present a new flagship series?  

We like to move forward step by step, you could even call it a corporate approach. We’re headed up by a member of the Koç family, the family that owns Turkey’s largest industrial and services conglomerate, including RMK Marine. Our financial backing then is unparalleled and incredibly sound – but we still wanted a firm footing and to establish ourselves before venturing into the superyacht segment. 

Our brand has become well established as we were initially producing yachts to an incredible standard for Azimut. Building for such an established and leading brand led us to the decision to start building our own fleet. In 2017 we delivered our first unit, a Sirena 64, and in the subsequent years we expanded our portfolio with four additional models: the Sirena 58, 68, 78 and the flagship 88, which has a length of 26.81-metres. Sirena 88 RPH yacht anchoredPhoto: Pozitif StudioThe series has seen great success and we have delivered 100 units in just five years. This speaks for itself, but the feedback we’ve received has been incredibly positive and our order book is full until 2025. Looking at the trends in the market, we feel we’re well positioned to step up and offer 35, 45 and 55-metre yachts.Superyacht line 35m yacht exterior design Photo: Sirena YachtsHave any emerging trends influenced the design of this new series? 

Yes, greatly so. The average age of our clientele has dropped by around 10 years, and many of whom are new to yachting. We’re talking about young professionals who have seen success in their respective industries – mostly tech. This new demographic comes with new sets of demands and, importantly, dreams. 

They’re looking at yachting differently, bucking traditional and typical design trends. One key aspect is dining; many of our new clients are looking for less formal dining areas and more versatile, casual social spaces. We’ve fed this directly into our new series, freeing up as much casual social space as possible, installing just two dining areas: one in the upper deck and the other on the sky deck.  

Superyacht line 42m yacht exterior design Photo: Sirena YachtsWhere did the inspiration for a split-level foredeck come from?

Private space is an imperative for yachting; we wanted to maximise the amount of exclusive on deck space for our clients. We wanted to create something new and interesting – and importantly, something that can fit within the parameters of a 35, 45 and 55-metre platform. The owner’s apartment spans two levels, occupying the forward section of the yacht. We thought it only fit to offer the same character for the foredeck itself.Superyacht line 42m yacht exterior design Photo: Sirena YachtsHow has the reception been so far? 

We’ve had some really positive feedback from our clients, especially for the 30-metre in this new series. The smaller from the range is a natural progression for many of them, who have enjoyed life onboard one of our 58, 68, 78 or 88 models. I’m very pleased with this new positioning.

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